SGL Group Senior Management Compensation

Ready for Tomorrow!

In 2014, SGL Group decided on a corporate realignment. An important element here was to redesign the incentives and compensation systems for senior management. Changes were to be communicated to all senior managers in Germany, Europe, Canada, the USA, GB, Malaysia and China. The goal of the project was clearly defined: get them to sign a new contract.
Unequity was given the task of developing a strategic and creative concept for communications as well as for supporting the internal SGL team in implementing the campaign.

The campaign itself played on the topic of “approval”: of the company’s strategy, of the necessary measures and of course of the new contract. The main component of the communications was a high-end folder personalised for every manager. The content for all of the various compensation elements were easy to vary and compile individually for each recipient. The communications were supported by multi-level emails, information from HR personnel and WebEx calls in which even the board of directors took part.