Unique in Equity.

Knowing where the journey is headed:

Successfully communicating Compensation & Benefits.

Unequity optimises communications to take good ideas to a whole new level of success. Whether employee share or bonus programmes, company car management or corporate pension schemes – we’ll help ensure your Compensation & Benefits programmes (C&B ) are a resounding success. For your employees and your company.

We are “Unique” in “Equity”. That’s why we call ourselves “Unequity”.

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Unique, highly specialised and ground-breaking.

In the field of Compensation & Benefits.


After specialising in employee shareholder communications for many years, we’ve gained comprehensive expertise, deep insight and extensive experience in this complex field. This inspired us to establish an independent company dedicated to perfecting communications solutions for C&B: in 2011, Unequity was born.

We develop and execute communications concepts on intricate topics around C&B for customers from diverse industries.

To view our company trailer, click here.


We talk about complex topics.

To clarify them, and generate excitement.


Simple, clear – and simply correct. We’re endlessly fascinated by the many opportunities for getting a message across loud and clear: sometimes just an image, gesture or sentence is enough to illuminate the complex ideas behind a campaign. The effectiveness of simplicity always astounds us – and shapes how we communicate. Finding the best possible way to depict a topic is our goal.

To achieve this, we at Unequity really do our homework: We ask questions, collect data and strive to get to the bottom of the subject matter at hand. As a result, we’re able to recognise, demystify and clearly communicate a project’s risks and opportunities.  The final result is always a clear, workable solution.

Our expectation: We explain complex topics in a way that makes them exciting, meaningful and easy to understand – inspiring employees on one hand and helping a project achieve greater success on the other.

Two shareholders with a passion for communications


Unequity loves it when people get involved: By making employees part-owners, we strengthen their ties with the company and boost their motivation and identification with us.  Thanks to the communications campaigns that we’ve created for our clients, and our own experience, we’re confident that these are just some of the goals we can achieve with our share programmes.



Simone Schmitt-Schillig

Founder and managing partner. Responsible for consulting, project management, client relations and growth and development of the company. 

tl_files/img/xing2.png Simone Schmitt-Schillig at Xing


Gabriele Schwab

Creative lead and associate. Responsible for creation and production, directing the creative teams and contributing to growth and development of the company. 

tl_files/img/xing2.png Gabriele Schwab at Xing

Achieving big ideas, professionally.

With a global team for international projects.


Our customers are highly diverse. So are our solutions. To make sure that we deliver, whatever the requirements, we’ve built up a network of expert employees and partners.  Our permanent pool of designers, copywriters, planners, project managers, production managers and programmers consistently impress with their exceptional ideas. Our diverse team easily turns its hand to complex, multi-faceted projects.


Join our Team!


Our team is constantly growing and we are always looking for qualified and motivated people. Apply either for an advertised position or send through your unsolicited application.

Currently, we have the follwing job vacancies:

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We’ll guide your C&B project to success.

You’ll be pleased to hear that enthusiasm can be planned.


Imagine for a minute that you have a wonderful programme – and no-one participates. That’s not just a pity; it’s damaging. For both the company and its employees. If a company wants employees to share in its success, all parties should stand to benefit. Whether it’s an employee share plan, management programme, bonus plan, company car management or corporate pension scheme – the success of every C&B plan stands and falls in the way in which it is communicated.

At Unequity, we’re there to ensure that a good idea doesn’t stumble at the hurdle of poor communications. We want our work to open doors and foster a culture of mutual understanding and trust. Our tool? Optimised communications that start and maintain a successful dialogue between a company and its employees. 

From original idea to perfect execution:

What we do, at a glance.


We’re the trusted partner of choice for all marketing and communications services in the field of Compensation & Benefits. We’ll analyse your project, find the right idea and then bring it to life – perfectly. Whether in print or as an inter- or intranet solution, as a film or accompanied by an event – we always find the right platform for your communications.

And it goes without saying that we’ll adhere to your corporate communications and design guidelines. Or develop a suitable and attractive solution if your company has no closely defined corporate identity. And you can take reliable project management and precise timings for granted, every time.


We offer creative ideas and communications concepts for

  • Employee share and management programmes
  • Equity-market-based compensation schemes
  • Bonus programmes
  • Corporate pension schemes
  • Company car management


Whatever your plan, we’ll make sure it’s executed right: We’ll look for or create suitable imagery and photos, illustrate, explain, invoke, animate, entertain, set free … our imagination has no boundaries, and neither should yours.

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Letters
  • Intranet and internet pages
  • Emotive campaign films
  • Video messages
  • Video instructions
  • Quizzes
  • Events for employees
  • Give-aways
  • FAQs
  • Information documents for internal stakeholders and influencers


Wikipedia zum Thema: Compensation and benefits  Wikipedia on the topic: Compensation and Benefits

We stand for effective communications.


Our clients include big-name companies from highly diverse fields. Our energy and expertise currently for example supports the Compensation & Benefits Team of the Munich branch of McDonald's Deutschland Inc and several DAX 30 companies.

Case 1: McDonald's pension plan (betriebliches Altersversorgungs-System – bAV) – Campaign 2012

Case 2: Launch of the incentive online platform "Happy Deals" - Campaign 2013

Case 3: The first OSRAM Licht AG employee share purchase plan - Campaign 2013

Case 4: McDonald's Fleet Services – Campaign 2013

Case 5: The Route of Life – International Assignments at OSRAM - Campaign 2014

Case 6: Benefits communication for Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH – Campaign 2014

Case 7: The KION Employee Equity Programme 2014 – Campaign 2014 

Case 8: Ready for tomorrow! The new compensation program for Senior Management at the SGL Group – Campaign 2014

Case 9: Sharesave at Sky Germany - Introduction of an Employee Stock Purchase Programme - Campaign 2015

We’ll gladly personally present individual case studies.
Please get in touch to arrange a meeting! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Improving corporate communications bit by bit, day by day.

We’re dedicated to working better, together.


We’ve made it our duty to optimise corporate communications at every level. This goes beyond effectively communicating C&B processes within individual companies, and extends to better connecting the entire C&B field and promoting the exchange of expertise within it. Rest assured that we never forget that we’re dealing with confidential information and sensitive data.

We are actively involved in the Global Equity Organization (GEO), the international umbrella group for equity programmes, and support the exchange of ideas and networked collaboration. This union of industry experts has been specialised in employee share plans for many years. Unequity Managing Director, Simone Schmitt-Schillig, is an active member of the GEO DACH Chapter (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) advisory board.

Simone Schmitt-Schillig is also an active member and moderator in a number of groups related to Compensation & Benefits on the business platform Xing:

  • Global Equity Organization (GEO) DACH Chapter
  • Benefits – Incentive Pay – Variable Compensation


Through our active involvement, the constant exchange of ideas with experts and networked co-operations, we continue to expand our experience and knowledge. Our work is enhanced by this every day – so you’ll benefit too.


Global Equity Organization Xing  


Profiting from the experience of experts.

Conferences, presentations, seminars and events.


Get involved in the discussion!

The D.A.CH. Chapter of the Global Equity Organisation is planning its next symposium in cooperation with the Deutsches Aktieninstitut. Take part in exciting discussions with experts on models for success and on the need for political action on the subject of employee stock ownership plans in Germany. Unequity will of course be at the event. We look forward to seeing you in Frankfurt on 28 June 2016 with the host, Deutsche Bank!

This DAI event link takes you straight to the registration page: https://www.dai.de/de/das-bieten-wir/veranstaltungen.html


Professional Seminar: Employee Participation in Mid-Sized Companies

How to find the right investment programme and successfully implement it - that is the central topic of this seminar that will take place on 22 April in Munich. In addition to giving an overview of the most common medium-sized programmes, we will show you the important parameters for determining the your own programme offerings. We will also let you in on how to attract more employees to your participation programme using appealing and understandable communication.

For more information, please visit: http://www.agpev.de/assets/einladung-fachseminar-22apr13.pdf (in German only)


Invitation to 14th International GEO Conference

For the first time ever, the conference will take place in Munich from 12-14 June 2013.
More information about the event and deadlines for GEO Award submissions and registration are available on the Global Equity Organization homepage at: http://www.globalequity.org/geo/2013


Employee participation 2015: A special issue by "Unternehmer Edition" and "GoingPublic Magazin"


The magazine’s first special issue on the subject of “Employee participation” came out in December 2015 and is slated to be an annual publication.

In addition to the capital market, this periodical focuses in particular on (large) family-owned and medium-size companies and contains fascinating articles and studies about renowned companies. Among others, our clients Sky Deutschland and KION Group are covered in those pages.

We took part in the conceptual design of the issue and are excited to have a “live” copy of it.

You can have a look at it as well! There is a free e-Paper version here.


Special issue on employee participation now an annual publication!


GoingPublic Media AG is again planning to publish a special issue on the subject of employee participation and we helped them do it! 

Together we developed a concept for the annual special issue on employee participation. It doesn’t “just” address the capital market, but instead also gives some attention to family-owned and medium-size companies. By bundling the strengths of GoingPublic Magazin and Unternehmer Edition, a run of 20,000 printed copies was made. The corresponding e-Magazine will be promoted throughout the year.

The issue has a planned publication date of 9 December 2015 and will be available at various events.

Get involved in this special issue and book a partner package. For more information see this flyer.

If you have questions about the magazine or the offer we would be happy to help.


Good communication that reaps rewards:

The results of the GEO und F.A.Z. co-operation.


The GEO DACH Chapter and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (F.A.Z. – Frankfurt Neswpaper) have been working on joint projects in the field of Compensation & Benefits in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  Please see below for the interesting outcomes of this successful collaboration.


Eight-page special supplement in the F.A.Z.:
All about employee share ownership in Germany.


In co-operation with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, an eight-page supplement appeared in Germany for the first time in June 2011. It contained comprehensive information, detailed articles and interviews with international experts under the headline “Employee share ownership”.

The supplement was so well received, that a second publication on the same topic has been planned for September 2012. It is the result of a renewed co-operation between high-ranking economic representatives and the Global Equity Organization DACH Advisory Board.

Please click on the following link for further information and the opportunity to get actively involved – e.g.: by supporting the editorial team with articles, interviews or suggestions, or by placing an advertisement.


F.A.Z. Beilagen





PDF:  FAZ-Beilage 2011

PDF:  FAZ-Beilage 2012 Anzeigenformate


Or contact the editorial team directly at: fazverlagsbeilage@globalequity.org

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Social responsibility

Happiness is the only thing that is doubled when you share it.*

Good communications for a good cause.


Success always needs a bit of luck. We’re very aware of that, and so we choose to share some of ours by becoming actively involved in social projects. We regularly support those that mean something to us, and we like to have ideas ourselves for projects where we can involve our friends, acquaintances and clients.

*Albert Schweitzer


Christmas 2014 & 2015


School education for young asylum seekers
“Keep on writing, keep on helping”

He who writes, remains – and can really help, too! Following the great success of our 2012 New Year’s card, we repeated the idea for a two-way communication, a bit differently this time. For the 2014 festive season, we sent our clients and friends Christmas cards with a classic response element already provided. For each card that was returned to us by the end of January 2015, €20 was donated to the SchlaU School in Munich.

At the beginning of February, we counted the number of replies we’d received, did our sums, and rounded the balance up a bit. And finally, thanks to our clients’ and partners’ replies and to the donations which were attached to some of them, we were able to hand over €1,000 to the SchlaU School.

The SchlaU School is an officially recognised school for young asylum seeks in Munich; about 220 pupils have lessons there and successfully complete their studies. As well as their lessons, the young people are given targeted intensive individual training which helps them enter the German school and higher education system.

We chose the SchlaU School as a project because we think it’s important for us keep versatile in our society. Every day, we develop communication campaigns with and for our clients that aim at strengthening business cooperation. Campaigns for share programmes that are offered internationally, using communication measures that are implemented in many different languages (or partly translated) in countries with widely differing cultures and local customs. And so, because we believe it’s important that people who have been forced to flee from their homes are also given the chance to have an education which will serve as a solid basis for a successful life, we are delighted to be supporting this project.



Summer 2014


Assistance for hearing-impaired children
Unequity sponsors a team in the Allgäu-Orient Rally

2014 marked the 9th installment of the Allgäu-Orient Rally. The race saw 111 teams in automobiles at least 20 years old embark from Oberstaufen (Germany) on an adventurous course that took them through Istanbul, Anatolia and Israel en route to Amman, Jordan. Once the teams arrived in Jordan the cars were sold. The proceeds, along with additional donations, were then passed on to assist social projects in the host countries.

Unequity supported the Bavarian team, “Schienenersatzverkehr Linie 49” (Rail Replacement Service Line 49), with t-shirts and hoodies for its members Dominik Francis, Yves Eisenreich, Sebastian Dengler, Kristof Kellermann, Sebastian Mattner and Felix Keller. After 7,130 courageous kilometers and a cornucopia of unforgettable moments, “our” team reached its destination at the Dead Sea with a superb fourth-place finish!

The proceeds from the event were then donated in Jordan to help, among other things, an aid project for hearing-impaired children. Due to a genetic disposition, Jordan has the world’s highest rate of hearing impairment. Under the guidance of German specialists Matthias Tisch and Annette Limberger, both former rally participants, children and even babies in Jordan receive hearing aids and cochlear implants.

We were delighted to support the project and the Bavarian team because it is an adventure for a good cause. The journey and the interactions we hear along the way are constant reminders of how fortunate we are in Germany and that we should keep those in mind who are less fortunate. As an agency we have the opportunity to support these types of extraordinary events with our graphics and project management experience. It is a joy to be involved, keeps everyday work life interesting and inevitably leads to interesting discussions within the company and beyond.

Facebook page for the team: “Schienenersatzverkehr Linie 49”:

Information about the rally, its objectives and its organizers:

More information on the aid project:



New Year 2012


Support for an integration kindergarten
“One for all ... and all for one”

Inspired by the question whether our friends, acquaintances and clients have as much fun communicating as we do, we had a great idea for New Year 2012: we sent about 200 recipients a postcard which could be used for all the year’s festivals: New Year, Easter and Christmas. This card was then sent back and forth between Unequity and our addressees. Regular contact was maintained – and for each card which was sent back to Unequity for New Year’s 2013, we donated €20 to St Josef’s, an integration kindergarten in the Schwabing area of Munich, where normal children and those with special needs can grow up and develop together.

Our project was a huge success! At the start of 2013, we were able to donate €1,240 to Sister Maria Birgitta, the head of the kindergarten. Sister Maria Birgitta said, “We’re absolutely delighted by this project, which is benefiting our children so greatly. Our building has been hit by cuts, and continuing our work would often be impossible without the help of donations. The kindergarten would like to say a big thank you for your support!” And we were delighted, too, to have enabled the renovation of the kindergarten’s outdoor playground!

Kindergarten St. Josef

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09.06.2016: Sky Case Study

Project management and communications from one source:

In order to launch its new “Sharesave” shares programme in Germany and Austria, Sky Deutschland selected Unequity as its external partner to support the project leader in managing the large task. One additional element of the job was developing and implementing a multi-level communications strategy that would not only provide all of the employees with comprehensive information about the programme but also encourage them to participate.

Have a look at the full case study on the project on our web site under Services / References.

More case studies and articles have also appeared in Comp & Ben Magazin and GoingPublic Magazin.

Have fun reading!

14.04.2016: Welcome back, Carina!

Carina Reller completed an internship at Unequity during her course of study, and since 1 April 2016 she is back full time in our project management team.

Carina received a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a focus on HR and international management. Now 25 years of age, she has been able to gather her first experiences in the area of Compensation & Benefits at companies in Germany as well as abroad. At Unequity she is now looking to apply and build upon her professional experience – and certainly on the life experiences she collected on her recent six-month world tour.

We are delighted to have you back, Carina, and hope you enjoy the new challenges with our fantastic clients.

Carina can be reached at carina@unequity.com

14.01.2016: “Germans don’t trust the stock market and prefer to save” (quote)

“Germans don’t trust the stock market and prefer to save” – that is how an article in the sueddeutsche.de, a news web site, described how Germans currently feel about investing. Here is the full article: http://bit.ly/1Oq1JaK

We feel it is worth taking a more detailed look at the different forms of investment in order to find the best solution for your own particular situation.

Employee participation in stock programmes is our main focus at Unequity. We are frequently confronted by questions and doubts from employees about the subjects of the stock market and company shares.

On behalf of our clients, we communicate these issues in a transparent and understandable way and show employees what opportunities and risks exist when considering participation in a shares programme.
After all, any decision for or against an investment in shares needs to be well informed and thought out.

To see how we go through this process, have a look at the case studies on our web site under Services / References. We are also happy to answer your questions personally if you send us an email at info@unequity.com or call us on 089 255 49 3370!  

07.08.2015: Unequity is turning 4 years old

We take a look back while giving you a glimpse of the future

Next week, on the occasion of our 4th anniversary, we will be holding our annual customer summer party. In conjunction with Marion Klemmer from Media Saturn, we will present an example of a successful benefits communications campaign (http://bit.ly/1MS6s5b) that we completed with her and her team.

In addition, our guests will be given a brief overview of our current projects as well as a preview of Unequity's future as a service provider in the Compensation & Benefits Communications sector. There will of course be refreshments to keep you cool, sponsored by Amaro Mondino (www.amaro-mondino.de) – delicious! Thank you for your support!

Our office will be restyled for the event under the motto "Retrospectives and Prospects" to accommodate an exhibition featuring the mountain motifs of Munich painter Barbara Bernrieder (http://bit.ly/1eV6ICx).

The exhibition will also be open by appointment only from August 17 – September 30. All of the paintings are for sale. The exhibition is being organized in conjunction with MuniqueART GmbH, founded in January 2014 in Munich by Simone Schmitt-Schillig as a platform for art and communications. For more information about the gallery go to: www.muniqueART.de

17.04.2015: GEO Award for the KION Group and Unequity

• Accolade for the employee equity programme at KION Group
• Multimedia communications package wins over the jury

The KION Employee Equity Programme, KEEP, has won the GEO Award. At this year’s annual Global Equity Organization (GEO) conference, the KION GROUP AG and Unequity GmbH garnered first prize in the category “Best Plan Communication”. The prize was awarded for the comprehensive communications campaign that accompanied the launch of KEEP, the employee share programme.
The multimedia communications package included everything from strategic planning and target group analysis to timeline scheduling, overall design and media production. At its core, this multilevel campaign featured a six-stop roadshow that helped inform employees on location. During the information days, meanwhile, the roadshow team also put together photos and videos of the employees that were then used for testimonials in both print and online platforms. Training and informational materials allowed the communications team to then brief multipliers and stakeholders at the company to enable them to confidently answer questions from employees.
The programme was conceived and implemented by Sonja Jörg and her KION Human Resources team while the KION Internal Communications team led by Michaela Meier worked with the Unequity team under Simone Schmitt-Schillig to develop the eye-catching campaign.
The Global Equity Organization awards its prizes once a year to recognize special accomplishments in employee compensation at companies, e.g. the outstanding design of a share program for employees or exemplary communications pieces.

23.03.2015: Unequity continues to grow: we now have more support for our Project Management team!

We’re delighted to introduce Dominik Blex: Dominik is qualified in marketing communication and has come to us from a classic advertising agency. As a client consultant, he gained a lot of experience coordinating projects in print media, TV spots and online (websites, banners, apps, iPad magazine), but he’s always looking for new challenges and has now joined Unequity to work in the area of Compensation & Benefits. We’ve gained an experienced “agency person”: Dominik has been a Project Manager with us since March, working as a direct contact and consultant for our clients. Welcome on board, Dominik!

Dominik Blex can be reached by email at Dominik@unequity.com.

02.03.2015: Exciting times! We’ve got three great pieces of news to share with you!

It’s a first for us as employers – we’ve had a baby! We wish our Graphic Designer Tanja a wonderful time as a mum, and look forward to meeting her new son! All the best, Tanja!

The second piece of good news is that at the beginning of February Vivian Jill Bergener (photo) joined our Graphics team. She has lots of experience and we’re delighted to welcome her to the Creation team – with her refreshingly positive attitude she fits in brilliantly! Welcome on board, Vivian!

We’re really growing! We’d also like to welcome Dominik Blex to the team. Dominik is our new Project Manager and we’ll tell you more about him in a few days. But first let’s let him settle in and have a great week!

We’re currently looking for someone to join us as an intern for three to six months, and also someone to be our new Senior Project Manager. If you’re interested, you’ll find the job descriptions on this website under “Jobs”.

15.01.2015: New Faces in 2015

We’re delighted to introduce our new colleague, Christoph Grass, who started at Unequity at the beginning of January! Christoph is at home in the agency world, bringing a wealth of experience from the diverse positions he has held, from strategic consultant to managing director. As a marketing expert, in the future he’ll work with our Unequity team to develop the right strategy for our clients’ most complex communication campaigns. With his experience of agency team building and management, he will directly support the Unequity management. Welcome, Christoph – it’s great that you’re joining us on our exciting journey!

Christoph Grass can be reached by email on Christoph@unequity.com

15.09.2014: One trainee qualified – and another already starting!

Two great reasons to celebrate! Our trainee Marc has successfully qualified as a graphic designer – and we’re lucky enough to have already got a new one: Maximilian Friz started his training as a graphic designer with us at the beginning of the new academic year in autumn 2014.

Welcome to the team, Maxi – we’re really pleased to have you on board! We hope you’ll learn a lot with us and will enjoy being here.

09.06.2014: Unequity team shows strong growth

A new colleague started with us in May, and we’d like to introduce her:

Tanja C. Strohe is a bundle of creative energy, and joined the Unequity graphics team on 1 May under the direction of Gabriele Schwab. Ms Strohe brings many years of agency experience as a graphic designer and art director, and a high level of creativity and organisation. As she says herself, she’s been looking for a place to work “where creativity is more than just a commodity”. She spent time in the Tirol and Hamburg but only found what she was looking for when she came back to the city where she started. We’re delighted that Unequity is the place she’s been looking for and hope we’ll be able to prove it in the years to come.

Welcome Tanja!

30.04.2014: Unequity cheers on Allgaeu-Orient Rallye drivers

Unequity supports team “Schienenersatzverkehr – Linie 49” on journey to Middle East

In 2014, the ninth Allgaeu-Orient Rallye will take place: 111 teams will drive vintage and classic cars (at least 20 years old) from Oberstaufen to Jordan. The route to Amman is likely to go via Istanbul, Anatolia and Israel – what makes it more interesting is that the drivers aren’t allowed to use navigation tools and are supposed to avoid fast roads and motorways: the idea is that participants should have real, personal contact with the country and the people. To make this happen, teams are given specific tasks along the way that they have to fulfil.

At the finishing line, the cars are donated to a good cause and social projects in host countries will also be supported (in 2013, a school in Anatolia was equipped with computers). The first prize is traditionally a (real) camel; in previous years, winning teams donated it to young Bedouins or local farmers to offer them some financial security for the future.

At Unequity, we thought this was a great idea so we decided to support the participating Bavarian team “Schienenersatzverkehr Linie 49”. In time for the start of the first stage of the rallye on 3 May, participants Stephan Ahrendt, Sebastian Dengler, Dominik Francis, Felix Keller, Kristof Kellermann and Sebastian Mattner were equipped with smart Unequity-designed team t-shirts and hoodies. To find out more about the rally, its objectives and its organisers, visit www.allgaeu-orient.de

26.11.2013: Step by step

On 14 October the Munich consulting agency will move into new premises and give more space to its art

As a specialist for internal business communication, Unequity Communication offers solutions around complex topics in the area of Compensation & Benefits. Founded in 2011, the agency’s clients include firms listed on the DAX30 and well-known brands including McDonald’s. So far, Unequity’s offices have been in the Schleißheimer Straße 26 but the team will now move to a new location so the old office space can be used for art. The concept for the new space will be called MuniqueArt and it will house a lively mix of contemporary art, artists, communication and  consumption – and lots of surprises!

“MuniqueART” opens on 30 November – a shop concept in the widest meaning of the word, a market place for the art and artists of the future. It will offer a direct exchange between artworks and customers; advice about buying and selling; evaluation of contemporary art. Talented young artists will gain a platform for themselves and their art, while Unequity’s extensive network will bring artists and customers together in an informal setting.

Unequity is organising a series of small events – exhibitions, sales platforms, workshops and expert interviews – with the aim of bringing art and art lovers together, professionally and commercially. As a communication agency, Unequity can offer the artists valuable support. As MD Simone Schmitt-Schillig says: “We can offer the artists a complete package, from PR, marketing, social media, administration, project management, cooperation with labels and businesses, to sales of original works and limited editions – and, of course, we’ll organise exhibitions and events. Our aim is to make a fluid concept which is enriched by the creative ideas of everyone involved; which is always growing and can focus at different times on different things. It will be fun but always highly professional and oriented towards commercial success for artists and people who are interested in art.”

23.09.2013: A move. An anniversary. An opportunity for talented artists.

Located up to now in the Schleißheimer Straße 26, part of our team’s moving to a new location in the Maximiliansplatz 20 at the beginning of October. The firm’s headquarters will remain in the Türkenstraße 33a, so Unequity now has three addresses. In time for our second anniversary, we look forward to the move to our new offices: it’s the perfect environment for further growth in our core competencies, creative communication for employee share programmes and executive programmes, bonus schemes, company car rules, and offers for company pension plans. We just keep growing! And so under the Unequity GmbH umbrella, we now also have the art agency Unequity Creative, whose work can be seen at the Schleißheimer Straße 26. This location will offer a platform where talented, ambitious artists can present themselves and sell their work. More information to come.

13.08.2013: Unequity Creative supports ARTGRANT

Since January 2013, Munich agency Unequity Creative has been busy promoting contacts between (as yet) unknown artists and art experts, collectors, and art lovers in business and industry. As part of this project, Simone Schmitt-Schillig’s team is now supporting ARTGRANT.

ARTGRANT has been awarded every year by the ICAA (Independent Contemporary Art Advisors) to promote young artists and support contemporary art concepts. Artists who are eligible for the prize must be aged under 40 and come from the areas of painting, sculpture, photography, print, installation, video, media art and new media. It’s proved very popular: over 1,200 artists in Germany have applied for ARTGRANT so far this year. And from 2013, one guest country will always be invited to help promote the exchange of ideas between artists. This year, the guest country will be Turkey.

Made up of well-known art experts, the jury will change annually. Entries will be judged and prizes awarded in three categories; in addition there will be a prize awarded by the public, who can vote online. Interested? You can see all the participants and their work on the website at www.artgrant.de. Voting starts in October.


Simone Schmitt-Schillig loves the entries this year and is delighted by the idea of ARTGRANT. “I’m overwhelmed by the quality and range of the entries. No wonder ARTGRANT is already so well known amongst gallerists and collectors. We’re thrilled to be part of this exciting project!”

Unequity Creative supports, promotes and represents young artists, using all the professional communication channels at its disposal. As a unit operating under the umbrella of Unequity GmbH, the agency profits from the synergy with Unequity Communication, which specialises in creating the right communication solutions for global companies listed on the DAX30.



Unequity Creative
Simone Schmitt-Schillig
Schleißheimer Str. 26
80333 Munich
Phone: +49 (0) 89 579 30 640
Email: presse@unequity.com



P.O. Box 440107
80750 Munich
Phone: 089 – 330 193 48
Email: mail@artgrant.de

01.07.2013: Unequity offers training. Welcome, Marc!

Today is the first day at the agency for Marc Schegg (21). Marc is currently in the second year of a graphic design course and from today will learn everything he can from Gabi Feld (Director of Creation and Production) to prepare for his final exams next autumn. We’re delighted to have you here, Marc, and hope you’ll have fun as well as learn a lot! One thing we already know: Marc isn’t just creative when it comes to marketing materials – his music also gets them dancing in the Munich party scene! (Idea for Unequity Party and Event Unit …!?)

05.05.2013: Unequity brings Ray Moore to Düsseldorf

The Stroke Art Fair in Munich is only just over and Ray Moore is already packing up his art again: from 16 to 18 May his work will be exhibited in Düsseldorf – “I’m at the door let me in. XX”. The exhibition will be organised by Unequity with support from the Deutsche Zinshaus Gesellschaft GmbH, which has offered a 120 sq.m. loft in the former atelier “Atelierhaus Randolff” for the exhibition.

 Looking forward to seeing you there!
16 May 2013 from 5 pm – opening event (by invitation only) for guests, galerists and press
17–18 May 2013, Mintropstraße 20-22, 40215 Duesseldorf
Open daily from 10 am to 7 pm. Admission free

17.04.2013: Ray Moore on the show “Metropol” at egoFM

On 16 April 2013 Ray Moore made a guest appearance on the egoFM radio show “Metropol” (Munich, 100.8 FM). Over some delicious lemon meringue pie, he chatted with host Juli about himself: his life, music and upcoming exhibition at the STROKE Art Fair in Munich from 1-5 May. In case you missed it, we uploaded the complete interview (in English!) on our YouTube channel! Listen in at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ml8lwHTYSM8. Enjoy!

16.04.2013: Ray Moore guest at egoFM today

For Ray Moore, 2013 is a busy year. The multi-talented artist, who Unequity Creative promotes, will present his pieces from 1-5 May at the STROKE Art Fair in Munich, followed by an exclusive exhibition entitled “I am at the door, let me in. XX” – a call out to the art community – from 16-18 May in Dusseldorf. As a side project, the gifted artist also happens to make really good music. A fact that interested egoFM radio host Juli enough to invite Ray to a LIVE interview at the Munich studio. Tune in to the show “Metropol” today at 4 p.m. (Munich, 100.8 FM).

05.04.2013: Unequity Creative Brings Together Art and Clients

Our new unit is gaining momentum. The goal of Unequity Creative is to represent talented young artist, and foster contact between (still) unknown artists, art experts, collectors and art enthusiasts, in the areas of business and industry. In addition to the classic tasks involved with representing artists, we will make full use of our years of experience, and of the countless opportunities made possible by professional communication. Unequity Creative offers the whole package: from PR, marketing, social media, administration and project management, to cooperation with labels and companies, sale of unique pieces and limited editions, and organisation of exhibitions and cultural events.

Unequity GmbH is comprised of two units, Unequity Creative and Unequity Communication, both of which are headed by Managing Director Simone Schmitt-Schillig. They agency is designed to benefit from the resulting synergies.

22.02.2013: Unequity donates €1,200 to the Caritas Integration Kindergarten St. Josef

On 19 February 2013, Simone Schmitt-Schillig, Managing Director of Unequity GmbH, handed over a donation of €1,200 to the Caritas Integration Kindergarten St. Josef. Located in Munich’s Schwabing neighbourhood, the kindergarten offer typical kids and kids with special needs the chance to develop and grow together.

Sister Maria Birgitta, the centre’s head, accepted the donation: “We are delighted by this contribution that will benefit our children. Our centre is also affected by budget cuts and often our work would not be possible without the help of donations. The integration kindergarten is very thankful for the support!”

The project is based on a unique idea rooted in the motto „One for all...and all for one“. For New Year 2012, the communication agency Unequity sent a postcard to numerous friends, acquaintances, and customers. The same postcard was then sent back and forth between Unequity and the addressee for various occasions throughout the year – New Years, Easter, and Christmas. This results in regular contact – and for each card sent to Unequity for New Years 2013, Uniquity donated €20 to the kindergarten.

Unequity’s Managing Director Simone Schmitt-Schillig is pleased with the projects first round, which is set to continue in the future: “Social involvement is an important topic for us. At the Kindergarten St. Josef, children learn from a young age how to be respectful, open and tolerant of each other. This impressed us and that’s why we would like to support the cause.”

06.12.2012: HR Excellence Award for Unequity and McDonald’s Deutschland

Valuable Accolade for Human Resource Projects

Just one year after the agency’s founding, the Unequity GmbH team joined client Yvonne Prang, Senior Department Head HR, Compensation & Benefits at McDonald’s Deutschland Inc., in celebration of their Human Resources Excellence (HRE) Award. At yesterday’s HRE Award ceremony, McDonald’s Deutschland, Inc. and Unequity received a prize in the category “Benefit and Incentive Programme” for the launch of an enhanced company pension plan for McDonald’s Deutschland Inc. and the corresponding campaign “McBenefit – Happy ever after.”

“We are very pleased to receive this accolade. McBenefit is an important part of our attractive Compensation & Benefit package and supports our recruiting and retention strategy as a socially responsible employer”, Prang said in regard to the award. Since mid-2012, employees above the general pay scale can take advantage of the new McBenefit company pension plan. It expands on the existing care system and allows for flexible adaptation. Within a certain care level, employees have the chance to select a package tailored to their their personal needs.

Unequity developed attention-getting communication measures that brought employees of McDonald’s Deutschland Inc. closer to the complex topic – in a highly personal and slightly emotional way. From the target group analysis and strategic planning, to the creative design of the communication measures and their production, to the distribution of individual info packets, the agency created a well-rounded concept together with the client’s team. “We look back on a very successful first year. My team and I are proud to work for such great clients like McDonald’s, and other DAX companies. And now with the addition of this valuable award!”, said Managing Director Schmitt-Schillig.

Every year, the magazine Human Resources Manager presents HR Excellence Awards to recognise achievements in Human Resources Management. The awards aim to raise public awareness about modern HR projects marked by great innovation.

01.10.2012: More Growth at Unequity

Today Hannah Unglaub joined our Unequity GmbH project management team – which means that we have officially grown by 300% since the agency was founded one year ago. At Unequity Ms. Unglaub will expand on her existing experience in the Compensation & Benefits area. “I’m looking forward to working on exciting projects with clients and to facing the new challenges awaiting me at Unequity.”, the project manager said.

Welcome on board, Hannah!!!

29.08.2012: Unequity Gets a Boost

We are excited to welcome yet another member to our Unequity team: Elke Grüßing, who now supports our account and creative teams! Ms. Grüßing offers excellent organisational and communication competencies and will greatly help us in the areas of agency development and project management. We look forward to working together with her!

Welcome, Elke!!! 

01.07.2012: Unequity finds a new associate in Gabriele Feld.

Gabriele Feld is the new associate at the consulting agency, Unequity GmbH, in Munich. Gabriele assumes responsibility for the fields of creation and production from the 01 July 2012. Unequity specialises in consulting and the execution of communications campaigns in the field of Compensation & Benefits. Its client portfolio includes DAX 30 companies and world-famous brands such as McDonald’s. The niche agency was founded in 2011 by managing director Simone Schmitt-Schillig.

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