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What you need about Unequity

Enthusiasm can be planned

We bring employees and companies together

Imagine you have a fantastic programme that nobody knows about. That’s a double disappointment – for your company and your employees.

At Unequity we know how to make sure a good idea doesn’t fall through the cracks because of poor communication. We open doors, ensure mutual understanding and trust, and enable companies and employees to have a successful dialogue with one another. Success for everyone involved.

Begeisterung ist planbar
Transparente Lösungen

Simple, clear and correct

Our solutions are transparent and inviting

Yet we always look to provide the clearest and most effective answer. We seek that one image, that one gesture or that one sentence that transmits your complex message in the catchiest of ways.

To do that we start with the basics. We ask questions, gather facts and study the topic thoroughly. This allows us to recognise the opportunities and risks of a project so we can communicate everything clearly and openly. That in turn results in coherent solutions.

Our claim: We will present complex topics in an exciting and understandable way that gets employees excited about them and helps make the project a success for everyone involved.

Specialised, creative and colourful

An international team for international assignments

Since 2011 we have been developing and implementing communications concepts for customers from a wide variety of industries and sectors. We possess comprehensive specialist knowledge and years of experience in our area of expertise. The creative ideas we develop for putting complex plans in place always inspire our clients.

We consistently find the right solution, and to guarantee that, we not only have a competent in-house team but also a large network of designers, copywriters, planners, project managers, production people, programmers, film directors and more.

Better corporate communications

We’re committed to teamwork

We don’t just want to optimise communications for Compensation & Benefits, but also help connect an entire industry and encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Through our active commitment, the constant exchange with experts and a highly effective network we are able to continuously expand our own experience and knowledge. That of course benefits our daily work – and you.

Our team

Our international team of in-house employees and freelance partners professionally and competently implements grand ideas.


Simone Schmitt-Schillig

Management and Communications Consulting


Michaela Strack

Client Services Director


Bettina Bruhn

Junior Project Management


Marc Schegg

Graphic Design


Elke Grüßing

Project Management & Controlling


Steffi Kibler

Senior Graphic Designer


Ray Moore

Graphics & Animation


Birte Rolff



Kevin White

Translation (English)