About Us

What you need to know about Unequity

Enthusiasm can be planned

We bring employees and companies together

Do you have a fantastic program that nobody knows about? That’s a double loss – for your company and your employees.

At Unequity, we know how to ensure a good idea doesn’t get lost because of poor communication. We open doors, foster mutual understanding and trust, and enable productive dialogue between companies and their employees. So that everyone involved benefits.

Simple, clear, and correct

Our solutions are transparent and engaging

We provide the clearest and most effective solution. We seek that one image, that one gesture, or that one sentence that conveys a complex message in a memorable way.

To do this, we start with the basics. We ask questions, gather facts and explore the topic thoroughly. This allows us to identify the risks and opportunities  of a project so we can communicate everything clearly and openly.

Our goal is to present complex topics in an exciting and understandable way that engages employees and makes the project a success.

Specialised, creative and colourful

An international team for international assignments

Since 2011, we have been developing and delivering communications concepts for customers from various industries. With comprehensive specialist knowledge and years of experience, we inspire our clients with creative ideas for complex topics.

We always find the right solution. To guarantee this, we have a talented in-house team and an extended network of designers, copywriters, planners, project managers, production people, programmers, film directors, and more.

Better corporate communications

We’re committed to teamwork

We don’t just want to optimize communications for Compensation & Benefits for individual companies, but also help connect an entire industry and encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Through our active commitment, constant dialogue with experts and a highly effective network we are able to continuously expand our own experience and knowledge. And no one benefits more than our clients.

Our team

Our international team of in-house realize great ideas – professionally and skillfully.

Simone Schmitt-Schillig

General Management & Communications Consulting
With a wide range of skills and professional experience over 20 years, I am still able to ask questions with a sense of curiosity in order to find the best possible solutions for the challenges of modern people management.

Elke Grüßing

Finance, Controlling & Human Resources
"As an independent consultant, I've been with Unequity from the start, supporting management in all tasks related to finance, controlling, and human resources—and as a co-owner, part of Unequity GmbH is in my hands."

Michaela Pods-Aue

Marketing and Strategic Support
"As a marketing expert, musician, and artist, I combine creativity, synaesthetics, and pragmatism. For Unequity, my talents are used to orchestrate internal projects, and to support the strategic development of the agency."

Alexandra Leyk

Communications Consulting & Conception
"The skills and expertise gained in 15 years at a multi-national corporation, and several years in agencies, enable me to carry out solution-orientated and efficient project management, and to train teams to bring the project to a successful close."

Hannah Unglaub

Project Management & Communications Consulting
"With more than 10 years of experience managing HR projects at Unequity, I work with international teams towards the best communications solutions—always with an eye on the end goal."

Mel Brunner

Conception & Design
"As a designer, marketing and brand manager with long years of professional experience, my passion is to conceive targeted strategies, cross-media brand and corporate communications with a human-centered design."

Bianca Spornraft

Conception & Design
"Behind excellent design is functionality. I base creative concepts on logical relationships and use design as a tool to convey information in a visually-pleasing manner."

Stefanie Kibler

Creation, Design & Photography
Discovering new and interesting topics with a sense of curiosity and passion, spinning ideas and packing them into convincing creative concepts – that makes me happy.

Sayena  Sharifgerami

Conception & Design
For me, the focus is always on the perfect interaction of image, text and attractive content. My goal is: Behind every beautiful picture there should also be a great concept.

Birte Rolff

Conception & Copywriting
I enjoy to deep dive into complex topics and communicate them in a catchy and easy understandable way.

Lynn Nothegger

Copywriting & Translation
"As a native English speaker, with years of experience in sales and marketing for international companies, I help clients shape their message. I create clear and compelling copy, even when the topic is highly complex."

Kevin White

Copywriting & Translation
My passion is listening to people and translating their stories to make them unforgettable.