May we introduce: our “spirit animal”

We dive into your world

At Unequity, we get the entire team together weekly for a virtual catch-up. These informal meetings are not project-focused, and are generally centered around a specific theme or topic—like a brainstorming session or casual chats in a traditional office. And sometimes, we get into a proper flow. That’s how we came up with our new company spirit animal—a chameleon. It just wandered into our meeting, and we immediately recognized that this confident and colorful pangolin, with its unique skills, reflects our working methods perfectly. 

What you always wanted to know about chameleons (but were afraid to ask)

Chameleons are known for their ability to change color at the speed of light. But many people are unaware that they don’t always do this to camouflage themselves. They primarily use this skill for communication. When chameleons meet, colors serve as signals to express moods, emotions, and intentions. Males that want to intimidate rivals or attract females show exceptionally bright colors. (No comment).

But the chameleon has even more fascinating features, including eyes that are positioned on its head to provide almost 360° all-round vision—to be precise, it’s 342°. With this, it keeps everything in its sight and misses almost nothing.

We are committed and authentic 

We are individual, committed, fair, and flexible. These values are at the core of our mindset and actions. So, it’s obvious why we immediately invited the chameleon to join our team. Not to boast, but we feel we have something in common with this reptile when it comes to exceptional skills. Because when we develop a communications strategy for you—or your company—we become a part of your world. We comprehend the topic with our 360° all-round vision. And we literally adopt your color, speak your language, and know (or design) your look & feel. From this deep understanding, we create the optimal communications solution for your project, and your company. Without losing ourselves in the process. We remain confident and professional. You can find some examples of our projects here.

Our new spirit animal in the spotlight 

You’ll come across our chameleon regularly at Unequity in the coming months, and become more familiar with his impressive skill set. Here are some more chameleon fun facts:  

  • Chameleons can move each eye independently. Their eyes are highly developed and more powerful than human eyes. 
  • Their legendary slingshot tongue exerts a pulling force of 0.4 newtons, and the chameleon can project its tongue to up to 1.5 body lengths. 
  • Due to their sticky saliva, which is 400 times more viscous than human saliva, chameleons can catch prey weighing a third of their body weight. 
  • Chameleon feet are shaped like pincers, with two or three toes facing each other. This enables it to climb particularly well.

Once we started thinking about the chameleon and its traits, we realized that these characteristics perfectly matched our project approach, EXPLORE – ENGAGE – SHINE. To find out more about our approach and how it could benefit your projects, see our Services page.