Team Spirit

...and in tune

In today’s unpredictable working world, filled with innovation and change, there is one thing that holds the team together to achieve greatness – team spirit. Strong teams are built on trust, openness, communication, and cooperation. Each team member should feel part of the big picture and identify with the company’s values and objectives.

A strong team that is motivated and can identify with the company will deliver top performance and contribute to the company’s success.

In recent years, many employees—especially those of the younger generation—have been able to choose their jobs. In many cases, they opted for those companies that offered the most attractive conditions, including the opportunity to identify with the company, shared goals, and team spirit.

Team spirit can be reinforced by way of regular team meetings, team-building activities, and a supportive working environment. This is how long-term relationships are established, and that is what every company wants.

Indications are on the rise that the labor market will become somewhat more restrictive again in the foreseeable future. For that reason, we would also like to point out another aspect of team spirit here.

Entrepreneurial thinking and action: Employees as co-entrepreneurs

Team spirit not only means pulling together, but also being in the same boat. This implies responsibility for business management aspects.

Team spirit demands entrepreneurial thinking and action, meaning that every team member takes responsibility and sees themselves as co-entrepreneurs within the company. They must act proactively, recognize opportunities, and take risks responsibly. Each team member should consider themselves a co-creator of the company and actively participate in decision-making processes with well thought-out ideas. By fostering entrepreneurial thinking and action, the creativity and innovative prowess of the entire team is strengthened, thus enabling the company to adapt more quickly to any changes affecting it.

Correlation between company and team dynamics

Rewards and recognition: Motivation for top performance

Implementing the proper remuneration and incentive systems is crucial to maintaining the commitment and motivation of team members. The company must set individual and team-based targets and achieve them with the appropriate forms of recognition. Rewards can be of a financial nature, such as bonuses or salary increases, but also non-monetary incentives such as appreciation, continuing training offers, or flexible working hours. It is important that the components are fair, transparent, and adapted to individual needs and performance. They should also be regularly reviewed and adapted to ensure that they continue to provide motivation.

The combination of team spirit, entrepreneurial thinking and action, and the right incentive systems adds up to a positive corporate culture that enables employees to develop their full potential.​

Accordingly, companies should actively promote these aspects and work continuously to create an environment that practices team spirit, entrepreneurial thinking and action, as well as the appropriate elements of recognition and appreciation. Regular communication is a good way to support this.

At Unequity, we put this team spirit into practice. After all, we cannot provide the best possible communicative and creative support for our Total Rewards customer projects unless we “walk the talk.” This is symbolized by our spirit animal, Lui the chameleon. How does this relate to the way we work? Find out more here.