Unequity Christmas Campaign 2018

We're planting trees on paper.

Every year a large majority of families celebrate Christmas beneath a gloriously decorated tree. The sitting room filled with pine needles smells heavenly. The Christmas tree is the absolute embodiment of holiday season. From finding the right one and decorating it to the collective admiration of it, the tree for many of us takes on the elemental function of representing togetherness during this festive time. It is the meeting point and the stage for the entire Christmas spectacle.

Yet far too seldom do we recognise that we have a tree to thank for this experience, a tree that grows for many years for this purpose. It withstands wind and weather, cleans our air in the meantime and is only cut down to provide us with a bit of joy for a few weeks at the end of the year.

So we at Unequity decided that this year we would do something on behalf of the trees. A modest show of gratitude for the “evergreens”.

Trees improve the quality of our air by filtering it through their leaves. They absorb carbon dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide and sulphur oxide – and produce oxygen. They also save water and provide animals with valuable living spaces. That is why we’re happy to make this contribution to replanting and reforesting our native woods, and to donate 5 Euro on behalf of every participant in this year’s Christmas Campaign to the Bergwaldprojekt (see below).

This way, everyone who receives a Unequity Christmas card this year can, with a little creative input, also make a personal contribution:

Unequity Christmas Campaign 2018 – glue it, send it and we donate it.

On the backside of our Graphic Department’s Christmas card creation is a tree stencil. Card recipients can use the included glue dots and Unequity Christmas tree ornaments to decorate their tree individually. Artistic freedom is encouraged and nearly everything is allowed: glue the dots, do a drawing and sign it. All we would like to have is a photo of the result that we can admire, sent either via Whatsapp, SMS or in an email to us.  For every tree photo that we receive we’ll donate 5 Euro to the Bergwaldprojekt to help finance the replanting of native trees in a number of regions around Germany.

About the Bergwaldprojekt: The Bergwaldprojekt e.V. is a German non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection, preservation and maintenance of our forests. It has thus far planted over 1,000,000 native trees and is active in carrying out the necessary maintenance work for the stable growth of these mixed forests of the future.

We look forward to each and every art piece we receive and would like to thank all of you participants for contributing to the upkeep of our environment. The Unequity Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2019!