Creativity is alive
The Unequity Easter Experiment

At Unequity, we know the importance of creativity in successful Total Rewards communication campaigns. Our goal is to make complex topics, such as company pension schemes or employee share programs, easy for potential participants to understand, and to encourage dialog between them and their employers. An optimal communication campaign first awakens the interest of employees, then explains complex information about the program, while reflecting the company’s image and culture.

We have developed a creative process that takes us from research, through client workshops, to our completed—and award-winning— communication campaigns. We call this creative process Explore – Engage – Shine.

Lend us your ears

This Easter, we are putting our creative process to the test in our German-speaking markets, and doing our bit for charity. We want to see how much engagement we can generate with our clients, partners, and followers.

We developed a fun, interactive social media campaign to give the Easter Bunny back his ears. We’ve asked our social media followers to email us their address to receive an Easter Bunny card, into which they’ll pop two teaspoons as ears. Then they can send us a photo of their happy bunny, grinning from ear to ear.

For every photo sent to Unequity, we’ll donate €5 (on top of our initial donation) to a Munich food bank. At the end of the campaign, we’ll reveal the results of our campaign and the engagement we generated—and, of course, how much money we raised for the food bank.

Further information (in German).